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Start This Year Off Right –  A KickStarter Deal!

Kickstart your life by getting some counseling to fine-tune your Inner Self. To make this commitment to yourself an irresistible no-brainer,  I have drastically reduced my regular counseling rate of $200 hour to $125/hour!*

That ought to motivate you to get off your butt and work on the inner stuff in a way that will significantly affect your level of success in 2019. This rate is not a typo! If this is what it will take to get you to invest in your self and your future, then so be it! I’m in!

* for phone/or videophone counseling. Must be booked in 4 hour (monthly) blocks 
otherwise $200/hr single session rate applies.

As you can see from my Testimonials Page, I really care about my clients. What sets me apart from other counselors is that with over 45 years of counseling experience and a lifetime of personal experience, I intuitively know the rest of the story and how to master the situation or challenge. Also, I am available for consultations, both my phone and email, between counseling sessions. and in emergency situations, 24-7.

So Take Action Now! Call me at 213-804-4408 to book your first sessions.

Counseling & Mentoring Sessions 

Counseling Plus Package – This includes weekly ongoing phone (or videophone) counseling of approximately an hour;  as needed, up to 4/month, 15-minute mini-coaching/crisis calls by phone;  plus reasonable access via email and texting for daily check-ins/brief questions. The investment is $600/month payable in advance

Single Counseling & Mentoring phone (or videophone) sessions are available on a limited basis for those who have a specific issue for which they need my counseling, consultation, advice and/or coaching. The investment is $200/hour.

Concierge Counseling – Rates vary depending on the services required. Please consult with Jason.

Introductory Counseling Consultation

Although most of my clients were comfortable enough from word of mouth referrals or from their online research on this website and other material about me on the web, to just schedule counseling with me, I do offer a brief counseling consultation to for those who would like to explore, risk-free, the possibility of investing in a counseling relationship with me.

In this consultation by phone we will:

      • Create a sense of clarity about the life you really want to have.
      • Find out the essential building blocks for having the life of your dreams.
      • Discover the #1 thing stopping you from having the life you want.
      • Identify the most powerful actions that will move towards the life you desire.
      • Complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to create the life you truly want.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities, please email me to schedule an appointment for this life-changing session at or call me  213-804-4408 and indicate:

  • What you would like me to assist with?
  • What obstacles are getting in your way?
  • That you are more than willing to do whatever it takes to move on more exquisitely in your life.
  • The times you are available for a phone consultation and a good number at which to reach you.

Half-day one-on-one intensive Counseling & Coaching experience

These sessions are very useful both for new clients to quickly jump-start their counseling with me and for ongoing clients to focus on and achieve breakthroughs for a specific issue that could not be addressed well with just weekly counseling and/or need to be resolved quickly.

I am comfortable working with you in whatever format works for you, in person, on the phone or on video Skype.

The investment for this Intensive Experience is: (Until the end of April 2019, take off 20%)

For ongoing clients, $700

For new clients, $1200 which includes a month of regular counseling


Counseling Groups

I have found that while most clients tend to prefer individual counseling & coaching, there are those that greatly benefit from being in small group sessions with other folks who are traveling similar roads. I limit my groups to no more than 6 participants. The groups meet weekly for 1 1/2 hours. The investment is $250 per month. If this interests you, please contact Jason.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice is needed for full credit. Please remember that when you book a session with me, I am dedicating an hour exclusively with you. If you can not make that appointment, I need time to be able to fill it with another client. If you cancel the same day or just do not show up, you are still obligated to pay for the time. If I manage to fill the time slot with a last minute client, I will not double dip and will credit you.

Ways to Pay

Payment can either be by PayPal (PayPal link is at the bottom of this page) or by check payable to Jason Wittman, P.O. Box 6340, North Hollywood, CA 91603.

Special Needs

I firmly believe that everyone ought to have the guidance, counseling, and coaching they need so they will have all the tools needed to live their lives successfully. If you have special needs, including financial difficulties, I will do what I can to design a special package to fit your needs. Unless you are a mind reader, you won’t know my answer until you ask me, so please ask me.

More Questions?

Email me at or call at 213-804-4408